about us

Handmade and cute

Gold has been a valuable and highly sought-after precious metal from coinage, jewellery, and other arts since long before the beginning of recorded history. It has been treasured for its natural beauty and radiance.

We are dedicated

Every item in our collection is handmade by our experienced goldsmiths. Handmade gold jewellery is much more durable and valuable in comparison with machine made because the process it goes through is monitored by the artisan to improve his own craftsmanship to create better quality products.

We are pure

In our manufacturing facility we ensure that the artisan is using the best quality tools and also ensure it is serviced on time to retain that quality always, as in the case of the diamond tool which we used to polish every day.

We are conscious

Our products are hallmarked by Travancore Assay Centre (TAC), the leading Assay Centre in Kerala. We ensure our artisans and the environment is safe by using 10x24 Gilders powder in tungsten water for colouring.

We are creative

The design, must find a balance between specific constructional demands and integrate creativity and good taste in such a way as to stir passion and contentment in the person wearing the chain.

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